Influencer marketing. From another point of view

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Reach and interaction is one thing. But we focus on creative and high-quality content. This is our indicator for a successful campaign. We connect your company with selected content creators and take Influencer Marketing to another level.

Forget about the others


Content creation

Content is king.

Your product looks good on the beach in Bali, why fly there when we have Content Creator there? We can refer these experts to you and develop content that sets you apart from the competition and offers more than just product placement.

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Let’s talk about how it works.

It has to be authentic, they said. “The engagement rate is the A&O and be aware of fake followers.” Yeah, we know, but let’s think beyond the basics. You want to convince with content? We can advise you.

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How to build a brand not just a business.

Your campaign should be convincing. To make sure that this is one hundred percent successful, we support you in the conception and take over the entire coordination – from the creative campaign design to the operative implementation.

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Creator trips

Start something new.

Exciting content requires extraordinary measures. So that your brand is on everyone’s lips and your messages are not forgotten anymore, we are going on a journey together with you.

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Talent management

You are a Creator and have your hands full? Then leave the administrative tasks to us and concentrate on what you love to do: content creation. As a talent manager we take care of the coordination of your cooperations and appointments. We’ll keep your back free and provide you with professional support.

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Influencer marketing and campaigns in Dortmund

Schwarz+Matt Creators Schwarz+Matt Creators was born from the idea of making influencer marketing more authentic and connecting companies with influencers. The goal is to bring the brand to a higher level with sustainable and high-quality content. With our experience we design successful and authentic influencer campaigns and provide selected  content creator. Our services are divided into influencer consulting, influencer campaigns and content creation. As a special highlight we also offer exclusive creator trips mit einem Team aus erfahrenen Content Creatorn an. with a team of experienced Content Creators. We are happy to advise you personally and look forward to your request.