Influencer marketing is a trend. But we are of the opinion: There is still something to be done.

With our concentrated know-how not only in the classical advertising industry, but also in the influencer business, we think a little bit further. With our expertise in both areas, we combine influencer with content marketing and deliberately go beyond pure product placement. We do not advertise with 08/15 campaigns and our Creator Portfolio is not a Book of Fame. We do not support sales machines but content creators. We stand for transparency, creativity and sustainability.

Who we are

We are young visionaries and old hands in business. We are creative freethinkers and success-oriented nerds. We are down-to-earth in everyday life and megalomaniacs in ambition. We communicate at eye level and have vision in marketing. That’s why Content Creator is not part of our service, but part of the Schwarz+Matt Creator Crew.

What we do

We love good content and this is our focus. We love to design creative campaigns, accompany them from the idea to the implementation or act as an interface between you and our creators. We think influencer marketing one step further and see cooperation as more than just a reach multiplier. Our goal is to design campaigns that lead to sustainable success.

What we achieve

Influencer marketing involves using people with high reach in social media as opinion leaders for marketing purposes. In our opinion, the added value does not end with an Instagram post. That’s why we work with content creators instead of influencers, who have a strong community and a flair for creative and professional content.

Influencer marketing and campaigns in Dortmund

Schwarz+Matt Creators was born out of the idea to make influencer marketing more authentic and to connect companies with influencers. The goal is to bring the brand to a higher level with sustainable and high-quality content. With our experience we design successful and authentic influencer campaigns and provide selected content creators. We would be happy to advise you personally.