They know what they can do: In our network we unite content creators who create high-quality contributions and convey authentic messages. They have built their own community, which they trust and with which they always interact. Discover your future creators now.

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Talent Management

You know how the rabbit runs and Instagram is more than just a hobby for you?

We support you. With us you have an experienced contact person at your side, who takes care of your cooperations as well as appointments and negotiations with partners. We create time for what you are particularly good at: content creation.

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Influencer marketing and campaigns in Dortmund

Schwarz+Matt Creators was born out of the idea to make influencer marketing more authentic and to connect companies with influencers. The goal is to bring the brand to a higher level with sustainable and high-quality content. With our experience we design successful and authentic influencer campaigns and provide selected content creators. We would be happy to advise you personally.