We network companies and content creators. We tailor the Influencer Marketing concepts individually to your company and ensure the optimal implementation. We focus on authenticity and put your brand message in the foreground.

Content creation

Content is king.

Your product looks good on the beach in Bali, why fly there when we have Content Creator there? We work with artists who know how to tell stories and produce high quality content. We bring these experts to you and develop content that sets you apart from the competition and offers more than just product placement. In doing so, we go beyond the use of social media channels. The creators function as all-rounders: photographer, model and creative director. Use their content for your entire brand presence.

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What content do you need and for what? Website, newsletter or social media? Photo, video or a blog post? For which target group should the content work? In addition to a mood board and the definition of the visual language, we design the appropriate content strategy.


Your requirements are manifold, so is our Creator. Whether food, travel, fitness or fashion. Abstract or commercial. Accurate flatlays or creative shots. The product comes from you. Our Creator shows you how to bring it to life.


Social media content is one thing. But there is much more behind a holistic marketing campaign and it encompasses all channels. We provide you with content for all media from one source. Content creation thus saves valuable time and resources.


Let’s talk about how it works.

It has to be authentic, they said. The engagement rate is the A&O and respect for fake followers. Yeah, we know. But let’s think beyond the basics. You want to convince with content? We can advise you on how to use influencer marketing in a targeted manner and how to communicate your brand to the outside world through extraordinary campaigns. No matter whether you are already experts in the field or new to influencer marketing. We tailor our advice individually to your questions and wishes.

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Here a common workflow is crucial: We share our expertise in influencer marketing and you give us an insight into your corporate identity. Together we will then develop an individual Influncer Marketing concept based on an intensive analysis of the competition, channels and target groups.


More than just commitment. To measure success in influencer marketing, we define your goals together. No matter whether it’s brand awareness, conversions or a repositioning: We accompany you on the way there and accelerate together.


Analysis, check! Objective, check. Since every company is unique, we align the strategy with the respective goals and KPI’s. What kind of influencer best represents your brand? Which content strategy fits your target group and which channels are relevant? Our goal is to provide you with an effective strategy and support you in the long run.


How to build a brand, not just a business.

Your campaign should be convincing. To make sure this is one hundred percent successful, we not only support you in the conception, but also take over the entire coordination – from the creative campaign design to the operative implementation. We also take care of scouting the influencers, content and campaign briefings, scheduling and communication as well as a detailed campaign evaluation.

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Together we develop an exciting campaign concept and define the respective campaign goals. Budget, time and project plans are as much a part of this as a detailed campaign briefing. Both for you and for the content creator.


We are not a fan of the term “influencer”. We select creators, creative artists, multipliers and brand ambassadors who harmonize perfectly with your brand. If both sides are interested in working together, we take care of the contractual conditions.


Everyone loves numbers, especially when they are presentable. After each campaign we provide you with a detailed report including insights, content, KPI’s and learnings for the future. Nothing goes under here so quickly.

Creator trips

Start something new.

Exciting content demands extraordinary measures. To make sure that your brand is on everyone’s lips and your messages are never forgotten, we go on a journey together with you. In the truest sense of the word. We put together a team of content creators, photographers and videographers to create professional content for exciting experiences. With the 360-degree campaign you will not only benefit from a high reach, but also from quality content for all channels that will be remembered.

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What’s behind all this? We want to say goodbye to photo studios and staged shootings. We combine content production with reach. Authentic marketing with creative content. Take content creation to the next level with us. Benefit from breathtaking locations, a massive reach in social media and content, especially for your product. In addition to endless visuals, each brand gets its own personal after-movie.


The Creator Trips are an all-round carefree package. Travel, accommodation, catering and exclusive locations. We organize workshops and small mini-events for your brand on site and coordinate the general daily routine with enough time for creative freedom. The team consists of content creators who let their community participate in the trip.


A maximum of five different brands from different industries accompany us on each trip. You have the opportunity to put your company and your products in the spotlight. Before each trip we create an individual concept together with you, including a mood board, the appropriate photo spots and a content plan. The complete picture and video material may of course be used and reproduced afterwards.

Influencer marketing and campaigns in Dortmund

Schwarz+Matt Creators was born out of the idea to make influencer marketing more authentic and to connect companies with influencers. The goal is to bring the brand to a higher level with sustainable and high-quality content. With our experience we design successful and authentic influencer campaigns and provide selected content creators. We would be happy to advise you personally.